Avaaz’s misinformation war room is working around the clock to spot the most egregious narratives that could influence the American electorate this week.

For everyone around the world, “El Diego” was a sports legend. But for us, Argentinians, he was an idol above and beyond football, our wildest passion. He gave to us, the working class, so much happiness and pride. But his “hand of God” also touched the poorest of the poor in other ways, like saving an indigenous community from eviction and a unique forest from ultimate destruction.

Coming from a humble upbringing, Diego’s magic became a global icon that captured the imagination of millions around the world. Wherever I went on the planet, even in the most remote places, the answer from people was always the same. Right after saying I come from Argentina, it always followed…

Muchisima tristeza y una profunda pena por la partida de Pino Solanas, una de las voces mas claras y una de las reservas morales de la Argentina contemporánea.

Pino me enseñó, primero en la lejanía de sus películas, allá en mi adolescencia, sobre el valor de sostener las opiniones más molestas, sin importar las consecuencias. …

As promised, following up with the latest findings from our war room. In sum: on Facebook today, we’ve seen last-ditch, Spanish-language misinformation content about presidential candidates; continued amplification of local stories to falsely suggest widespread, systemic voter fraud and irregular activity at polling stations; speculation of a post-election “coup” ramp up; meme and video content that references a post-election “civil war” rack up tens of thousands of interactions and views.

As Avaaz program director Fadi Quran said: “Disinformation is dividing and disenfranchising the American people — It’s not ‘voter fraud’, it’s disinformation that is stealing our democracy. When false narratives, noise and outright lies define the conversation on Election Day, it robs the people of an unbiased information system that…

Oscar Soria

Argentine by heart & global citizen by choice. @Avaaz campaign director. Ex @Greenpeace & @WWF senior troublemaker, ex @Oxfam non-executive.

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